What is Luminescent Technology?


Based on our patented ODI CL reaction (US Patent #: 7141677), Luminescent MD is developing new analytical methods capable of early diagnosis and monitoring of various diseases. Luminescent MD founder, Dr. Ji Hoon Lee and his group, with research funding from the National Institute of Health (NIH), developed new and highly sensitive analytical methods to quantify biosynthesized porphyrins (e.g., uroporphyrin I-IV, coproporphyrin I-IV, protoporphyrin IX) applied in diagnosing porphyrias and detecting tumors in living cells. Luminescent MD is working toward the development of diagnostic kits to sense well-known biomarkers (e.g., AFP, CEA, hCG, PSA, free estriol). Luminescent MD has quantified concentrations of triple markers (e.g., free beta hCG, free estriol, AFP) applied in diagnosing ‘Down syndrome’ using a medical device with 1,1’-oxalyldiimidazole (ODI) derivative CL detection and diagnostic kits. Early results indicate our proprietary systems meet or exceed the results obtained using current medical devices.

Prototype of Multidiagnoses
in vitro diagnostic kit


Light emitted from ODI CL reaction (integration time: 1/30 sec)